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About Us



Welcome to, where art meets humor and Rustyn McDermott reigns supreme!

Rustyn McDermott is the owner, artist, and mastermind behind He's a creative genius who takes the mundane and turns it into the magnificent works. Rustyn's passion for art began at a young age when he would doodle on anything he could get his hands on - from napkins to homework assignments (much to the chagrin of his teachers).

After honing his skills and gaining a reputation for his unique creations, Rustyn decided to turn his passion into a business. And thus, Forked Up Art was born.

At, Rustyn creates one-of-a-kind pieces using recycled flatware and other kitchen utensils. He believes that even the most ordinary objects can be transformed into something extraordinary with a little creativity and a lot of love.

Rustyn's creations are quirky, humorous, and always guaranteed to make you smile. He also takes requests for Custom Designs Whether it's a fork figurine of your favorite animal or a spoon sculpture of your favorite celebrity, Rustyn's art is sure to add a touch of whimsy to any space.

When he's not busy creating art, Rustyn can be found indulging in his other passions

So, if you're looking for unique, fun, and utterly "Forked Up" art, look no further than and Rustyn McDermott - the man, the myth, the legend!


Shop Phone: 801-936-3675

-Rusty and Meghann